The Nebraska Jewish Historical Society created, maintains and gives tours of the Henry and Dorothy Riekes Museum which is an historic representation of the Kapulier Synagogue. The Riekes Museum was dedicated October 29, 1995 and is the first permanent Jewish Museum in Nebraska. The main feature of the museum is a historic representation of the B’nai Jacob – Adas Yeshuron synagogue, also known as the “Kapulier Shul.”

One corner of the Riekes Museum is dedicated to Sharre Zion, popularly known as the “the Riekes Shul”. The congregation met in a house purchased by Samuel and Dora Riekes near their home on North 19th Street. Membership was free and included many who were survivors of the Holocaust. It even had its own Talmud Torah.

Included in the Museum is the original arch, bimah, pews, a memorah, shtenders, the ark curtain and Torah crowns.

Time Line of Synagogue History

The Herbert Goldsten Wall of Synagogue History, funded by the Herbert Goldsten Trust, was added to the museum in 1996. It has a timeline history of the Temple and Synagogue buildings in Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa.